Jen worked as a nurse in the ER and ICCU for over 10 years before going back to school to be a certified nurse midwife.  From 2001 to 2016 she has work in a freestanding birth center offering independent full scope OB/GYN midwifery care, attending births at home, hospital and birth center.  She received her midwifery certificate from Frontier Nursing University and her MS from Philadelphia University.  She worked many years as a massage therapist and is currently enrolled in Aviva Romm’s Herbal Medicine for Women course.

In 2016 she left clinical practice to return to school at Boston University, majoring public health.  She cofounded Goodbirth.net, a global network of birth centers.  Her current research is in the midwifery model, birth centers and disrespect and abuse of women.

She enjoys the challenges of meeting a woman’s needs while working within the health care system- negotiating for safe, effective and empowering care for woman and midwife.  She has published about collaboration.  She is past vice president and a frequent speaking for the American Association of Birth Centers nationally and internationally. She attended the FDA open forum on water birth and has volunteers locally and in Haiti.

Jen believes very strongly in educated women, including herself and looks forward to all her clients have to teach her.

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