Souls wander, expand, grow and stretch

They shrink, go inward and hide in fear

Mind, soul, heart? This self reflection, self obsessions cannot be good for oneself in the end. Too much attention on how I feel, boredom, restlessness, internally focused instead of just doing the work I have set out to do.

So much lies waiting for me, as I sit and think. So much to say and do, yet I process, doze and avoid.

Being alone can be so good, if we just avoid ourselves a bit.

One thought on “Alone

  1. It has been too long … I’ve missed your thoughts. For many years, I would “escape” for a week or two and go backpacking by myself … not very safe, but necessary. It was my time for self-reflection and re-centering myself … evaluating priorities and demands, both professional and personal. You are right – too much of that focus inward would probably be counter-productive. But the world rarely gives us adequate time to get to know ourselves. So, process and doze a little if necessary … ❤

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