I need to pull away from life sometimes.  I don’t think it is distracting myself from life as much as escaping.  It could be a long wandering walk in the woods, or laying on the beach with a book and ending up letting the sun and wind put me to sleep, or walking in circles in a distant city,

My life has been moving rather fast lately.  Moving out of my little apartment, moving to Geneva, visiting Paris, now the World Health Assembly, next weekend Barcelona.  I am meeting such amazing people.  When that happens I start to wonder, what do I have to offer?  I don’t really have a tribe here.  I suppose I don’t really have a tribe anywhere.  I wander partly because I have nothing to tie me down.  I need to find a community here, even if it is just for a little bit.

How does one create community? Most the time I think I am so much in my head, I cant keep up with the world around me.  I suppose that’s a habit we must all avoid.  So here is my plan- get up, go to work, come home via the lake and walk and talk to someone.  Then come home and plan to rent a bike next week to explore more. Its hard to get a routine when things are so busy, but Ill find a yoga around here and perhaps run or ride and get out of this interior place I seem to have created by default,


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