There is part of me that whenever I find myself in a new space like last year at school or now at WHO, surrounded by these amazing people, I feel like a fake. My confidence falters and I wonder if I have anything to offer. I’m stubborn enough that I open my mouth, and still I wonder- did they all know this already? Clearly I’m so naive, I’m just stating the obvious. And I continue to feel foolish.

This time I’ve been blessed by amazing midwives. And like an amazing midwife, they encourage my birth. Supporting my tentative questions with generous statements like, “those were good questions”. So often I wonder what did I do to deserve such kind and amazing people and opportunities in my life? How blessed I feel. 

I wonder at times if it’s a female thing, this imposter syndrome. But I’m reminded this week that everyone faces power inequities in life and struggle for significance- to themselves and those around them. 

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