global health

What a wonderful day.  First, I have been so blessed with this amazing weather the last few days.  Second, I have been so lucky with all the amazing people I have met!  Yesterday I met Kathleen Hill (of the RMC Landscape report) and Peter Johnson from Jhpiego (of the Effective Inservice Training report) .  There are so many amazing people here.  Last night Fran and Peter and I had dinner and after I spoke at length with Peter about capacity building.  What insights.  He spoke of technique, timing, location and media as being important for interventions and monitoring and assessment being key to capacity building.  It was brilliant.  Kathleen and I had a coffee today and she spoke about not getting to lost in gender inequality- yes, there is a gender inequality gap, but there is also poverty, education etc.  I agree with her. men need to be addressed as well, all of humanity has a right to respectful and compassionate care, but I guess my heart will always be with women and the inequality they experience.  If there is poverty- they feel it deeper, if there is lack of education, they experience it to a greater degree.

I haven’t had a chance to do much writing yet- just a short note for the WHO newsletter about ICM and a flyer for ICM, but I am trying to get myself prepared- thinking about, vocabulary, style, organization and presentation.

I miss being able to talk to my family, but the enforced quiet nights are also very liberating.  Although I am looking forward to Paris this weekend.  🙂

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