My first full day in Geneva and I am smitten.  There is a sense of thinking about others when you are surrounded by organizations such as the UN, the HCRC, and WHO.  Part of it is the culture in Europe.  Even trash is dealt with in a way that take effort- separate out everything, recycle and compost.  Working for the greater good takes some effort, but no one says a word, it is just what you do.  Oh I know everything is not perfect, it never is, but its prioritizing things that take effort that impress me.

I am working on a few large projects: A survey of evidence for midwifery education around the globe (with a rapid systematic review of current evidence.  Preparing for the research meeting prior to the ICM- prioritizing research for midwifery.  And the Essential Childbirth Care Course- haven’t heard much about that one yet.  I love working with so many people who really take their job seriously.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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