Beginning again

Today is the first day I feel like I am finally here.  I dumped stuff off last week, unpacked earlier this week and had a hard time leaving my studio for a day.  Last night I ventured out and today I wandered for an hour from my place up to Cambridge.  I found a great veggie cafe, and now I think I’m going to head back toward home, stopping for some shopping.
I have so many things I want to work on for GoodBirth and a bunch of reading and writting to do.  I am nervous about school but excited about talking about birth centers (their names- Birth Home vs Birth Center Vs Stand alone Midwifery Led Unit, to standards for them globally- I’m going to work on a checklist), and about issues like vertical vs horizontal approaches to public health, how to get funding, and utilizing research.  I am just generally very excited, and scared at the same time, and I suppose I am lonely.  It’s exciting and odd to be in such a busy place and to not know a soul.  To have all this free time (I know, I won’t in a week when school starts!) and so many activities I would like to do, but no idea where to go or who to do them with. Sigh.

Is this a response to trauma, a bored woman, a curious restless woman? Time to begin again.

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